Join Lantern Psychology Centre

Lantern Psychology is expanding with the opening of our new premises in Deakin (in late Nov 2020) and I am looking for new team members to join the Lantern Psychology Centre team either as sole traders (own independent business) renting a room and sharing resources, or on a contractal or employee basis.

Conditions are negotiable based on each individuals needs and values. Some need automomy to choose their own client base and load, others would rather minimise the administration and concentrate on therapy.

Please email me if you are interested in joining or would like more informtion than is provided below (

What Lantern can offer psychologists

Being a sole practitioner can be lonely and isolating. My main goal in creating the Lantern Psychology Centre is to create a space in which psychologists can support each other and share ideas, resources and referrals. To this end, I am seeking to create a physical and interpersonal environment that support this.

The office has been designed to support the mental health of practitioners. Each therapy room is spacious, with modern furniture and natural light. The Centre has a common room for breaks and meals which also contains equipment (such as photocopier and scanner) to increase the interaction of practitioners during the working day. There is also an outdoor sitting space to grab some fresh air.

Psychologist characteristics

I am seeking warm, supportive, professional, self-motivated psychologists, who are life-long learners, and have a sense of humour or at least can hold themselves lightly. I am keen to join with psychologists who will commit to regular peer supervision and share resources.

The specific therapeutic orientation of our psychologists is not important, although it is essential that psychologists are trained in evidence-based therapies and practice. I prefer third-wave CBT (e.g. ACT) and use EMDR and draw from Internal Family Systems for deeper work.

In order to achieve the kind of collaborative atmosphere, I see the key characteristics of a therapist's orientation is flexibility, openness to new experience and research findings and the ability to discuss and learn in their field by understanding the processes that underscore change.

I am open to talking to newly registered psychologists and those moving towards clinical or counselling endorsements. I am a board-endorsed supervisor so would be happy to discuss supervision arrangements, although I would prefer to be a secondary supervisor if the psychologist is renting rooms due to possible issues with dual relationships.
Artists drawing of reception hall (floor boards in on 18th Nov)

Artist's impression of Office 2 (room size is correct but furniture will change)

Lantern Psychology facilities

I am a big fan of using technology to reduce time spent on administration and reduce paper waste. The offices will have high speed NBN network, paper-less fax and I will encourage others to share the same free practice management system (Halaxy) so it will be easier to reduce administration and costs. All practitioners will also have free access to my online psychometric survey system.

We also have a secure shared space to share referrals and a secure inhouse messaging tool for easy and quick communication.

Although at the outset I will not have a dedicated receptionist, I am happy to provide mentoring in systems I use to reduce admininistration. A security camera in the reception area will double for an easy means to see when clients have arrived for appointments. and swipe card security. Plan for offices: Lantern offices along top and to right of plan.

Room rental costs