Rates and Rebates

How much does it cost?

Fees depend on the length and type of consultation. A typical session with Lantern will cost a client $224.50. A rebate of $124.50 is provided for clients with a Better Access Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) from their GP. This means most clients are $100 out of pocket for a session.

Although we do not offer bulk-billing, we do offer discounts for low income earners. Please contact Alison for information about discounts.

Rates for longer sessions (90 mins) cost $285 with a rebate of $124.50, if applicable. Longer sessions are usually required for trauma-focused therapy.

Rates of payments for organisations are based on the recommended Australian Psychological Society (APS) fee of $246.

Medicare rebates and insurance
A rebate of $124.50 will be provided for those with a Better Access Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) from their GP.

For information about MHCP eligibility and further details, select this link: MHCP Fact Sheet.
If you are not eligiable for Medicare rebate, please check your private health insurance to ensure you are eligble for a rebate.

EFTPOS and credit card facilities are available at the Capital Clinical Psychology rooms and Medicare rebates can be processed at the time of payment. Rebates are usually received by clients on the following business day, provided their bank accounts are listed with Medicare.

Cancellation policy
Please notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you wish to cancel or change or appointment. The appointment space is reserved for you and it is usually not possible for us to fill your spot more than 24 hours before your appointment. If you fail to do this, you will need to bear the full cost of the session.

Mental Health Care Plan Facts

There is some confusion around the number of sessions provided under a MHCP and when a new referral can be obtained.

Obtaining a MHCP
To get a MHCP, the patient must be assessed by their GP. This is usually a longer than usual session, so if you would like a GP MHCP, please let the receptionist know when you book the appointment. The GP will then fax or send the referral letter to the psychologist (or give it to the patient to give to the psychologist). It needs to be dated before the first session.

Number of sessions
Under a MHCP, patients are eligible for up to 10 subsidised sessions a calendar year (from January to December). However, a doctor is only allowed to provide up to 6 sessions under the initial referral and then can provide another 4 after a 'review'.

After the first six are used, the psychologist will write a letter to the GP requesting a review and more sessions, if required. The patient then must attend an appointment in which a review is carried out and then bring documentation to the psychologist on their next appointment.

New referrals in a new calendar year
There is a lot of confusion regarding the commencement of a new calendar year and when patients can obtain a new referral (for six more sessions) if they have have used all 10 sessions from the previous year. Some GPs believe the patient cannot get a new MHCP in a new calendar year until the first MHCP is a year old. This is incorrect. The patient is entitled to 10 sessions a calendar year.

If your doctor is asking you to wait until the anniversary of your previous year's MHCP in order to provide a new referral and six more sessions in a new calendar year, show him/her this link: AMA website: MHCP's Clarified

More detailed information for GPs concerning this process is available on the MBS Online website here.